Terms of Service

By purchasing services from G33kPress you agree to be bound by these terms.  This agreement is between You the Client and G33kPress the Provider.


The term of this contract is from the time you engage G33kPress to provide services in perpetuity with no need for renewal, extension, etc.  In order to terminate this contract, a request must be made to the provider in writing through our support system.


All payments are due at the time of order placement.  Services shall not be rendered until payment has been made.  Failure to make monthly payments can result in late fees ($2.00 or 5% of total amounts due whichever is greater) and/or termination of services at the sole discretion of the provider.

Provider Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the provider to make every attempt to reasonably provide WordPress services to the customer in the realm of monthly WordPress Management.  The Provider will monitor up-time, and perform backups, optimizations, and other services to ensure that the client has a smooth WordPress experience.

The provider will also provide support within a reasonable capacity to the client in regard to WordPress.  However, the provider makes no guarantees of support relating to third-party plugins or themes.  We will do our best to provide support for these if possible but sometimes it’s going to be better for the client to reach out to the parties they purchased these third-party utilities through.


While the provider will be performing backups of the client’s WordPress site it is still highly recommended that the client performs their own backups or request a backup be performed before making any changes to the site to ensure that if something goes wrong during the changes there is a restore point that can easily be accessed.

The provider is NOT responsible for any issues that arise as a result of the client installing third-party themes or plugins.

Backups will be kept at a time determined during your sign-up process at a cost.  Any backups beyond this period or exceeding storage limits may incur additional fees.


While G33kPress will do everything in its power to optimize your site there may be plugin/theme conflicts that could prevent us from doing this fully.  We make no guarantee’s on any optimization outcome.


While G33kPress will do everything in its power to improve your Search Engine standings we make no guarantees about search engine position or status.

WordPress Support

G33kPress will do everything in its power to reasonably support your WordPress site.  However third-party plugins and themes may be excluded from this provision at the discretion of the provider.

Additional Services

G33kPress has the right to offer additional services to its clients outside the realm of the standard services listed on our website.  These include but are not limited to customization services, SEO, Backup services (above the standard offered in the monthly plan), etc.  Any additional service charges will be submitted to the client prior to the services being rendered.  Any quote for service is valid for 30 days from the time the quote is issued.  If the client decides to pursue services past 30 days of receipt of the quote the services may go under pricing review.


G33kPress provides a month-to-month service to its clients.  You may cancel at any time during your term.

Due to the nature of our work no refunds shall ever be issued.

Late Fees

G33kPress reserves the right to charge the client late fees as deemed appropriate.  Late fees will be applied to all accounts 5 days after the due date of your invoice, and each 30 days consecutively after that.  If G33kPress is unable to collect payment after 60 days we reserve the right to turn over the debt to a collection agency.  At the time the debt is turned over to a collection agency the client is then responsible for the past due balance plus any charges/fees incurred during the pursuit of the bad debt.  Upon payment of debt service may be restored at the sole discretion of the provider.


You the client agree to protect, defend, and hold harmless G33kPress in all matters that may arise from using G33kPress services. 

Data Loss

While G33kPress makes every effort to perform backups before rendering services we cannot guarantee that data loss may not occur.  It is highly recommended that you conduct your own backup before engaging our services to ensure a “double” layer of protection.

Third-Party Plugins Used by G33kPress

As part of the services we offer we will be installing 3rd party plugins on your site to monitor, backup, optimize, etc.  

By signing up for services use of these plugins is licensed to each client on a month-by-month basis.

Upon the termination of our agreement, we reserve the right to remove/disable any third-party plugins we’ve installed as part of your monthly WordPress Management Service.  You may choose to keep some/all of the plugins for your personal use in which case you can purchase full versions of the plugins through the developers of said plugins.  


All communication between the parties will be handled through the G33kPress Support Desk with the exception of any reports that are generated by our monitoring software. 

We have found that it works best if you open a new support ticket or chat session for each issue that you are facing so we can ensure that your issue is handled in a timely manner.

Unless otherwise stated we will attempt to respond to all non-urgent requests within 24 hours and urgent requests within 4 hours.  Any emergency requests (outages) will be responded to within 1 hour. 

Communication with Third Parties

While G33kPress will make every effort to help you with hosting/server third-party plugin/theme issues we are not your web hosting/server provider or the plugin /theme developer.  We will assist you in communicating with your provider by informing you what to ask/do but it will be up to you to actually make contact with the provider and communicate any requests the provider/developer makes to you back to us.


You the client agree that any disputes or conflicts you have with G33kPress shall be addressed through arbitration/mediation at the sole discretion of G33kPress.